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Technical maintenance

For small-technical maintenance, you can always use our handyman-services.

Our handyman can be used for a variety of activities. The work he can perform for you are for example: reparations to walls and ceilings, light fittings, door fittings and locks, installation and replacement of lamps and ceiling panels. In fact, all the small-technical work and reparations that you encounter as facilities manager and where the need to solve it quickly and professionally exists.

Our handyman is often used in emergencies, breakdowns and small activities in and around your office. It is also possible to hire a handyman for a fixed day or a few day-terms per week. He can independently take your orders and work on it on the basis of urgency. Because you do not have to take on permanent staff or allow often expensive maintenance parties come for your assignment, the spending remain limited. Yet you remain flexible with the duty of our handymen.

Do you want to know more about our handyman-service? Please contact us. We will inform you about the possibilities.